Everything you need to know about genuine horn-rimmed glasses.

Genuine horn-rimmed glasses provide the wearer with a level of comfort
which cannot be compared with any other material.

Cleaning and handling 

A clean microfibre cloth is the best way to clean your horn-rimmed glasses.

Should your glasses ever be affected by heavier dirt such as sand, limescale or dust, rinse them in lukewarm tap water and dry immediately with a dry microfibre cloth.


Do not subject glasses with buffalo horn rims or wooden frames to any unusually heavy strain, such as wearing them in the sauna, leaving them on the dashboard of your car, working
with powerful cleaning products or chemicals or exposing them to strong sunshine or prolonged sporting activities.

Please note!

Never use alcohol or products containing solvents to clean your glasses. These leach out the horn and may attack the wood finish, causing permanent damage to your glasses. Perfume
and cosmetic products also often contain alcohol or chemical substances which can have a detrimental effect on the lifespan of your glasses.

Crucial information!

Buffalo horn absorbs and discharges moisture from both the ambient atmosphere and our own bodies.

This interaction with moisture activates the ageing process. The more extreme the conditions, the faster the glasses will age. Tiny cracks may appear in the horn and the surface slowly takes on a more matt, greyish appearance. Wood can bleach and become discoloured where it comes into contact with the skin. These are normal signs of wear, not indications of poor quality.