Progressive lenses using the latest technology

The revolution in progressive lens technology!

The Varilux S4D is the most personalisable and innovative Varilux progressive lens currently on the market.

This progressive lens can be perfectly adapted to the wearer - so you feel comfortable right from the beginning.

As a Varilux specialist, we only work with genuine Varilux progressive lenses. Thanks to our modern measuring instruments, we can offer our customers tailor-made solution

There are three innovative technologies that account for the design and comfort of these lenses:


The structure of the progressive lens is designed so that you have a smooth balanced vision even when moving (no swaying effect as with conventional varifocal lenses). A patented technology not used by any other varifocal lens supplier. 


The strengths of the right and left lenses are coordinated with one another in such a way that the images arriving at the back of the eye (retina) through the lenses are already sychronised to each other. So from the very beginning, the fusion of both images is much more pleasant and faster.


Every person moves differently. We determine how strongly the progressive lens wearer moves his head to the side and how strong his eye movements are. This data is determined by the Visioffice 2 system (video based centring system) and can only be measured at the premises of an Eyecode expert. The resulting data is then used to produce a progressive lens which is completely adapted to the wearer’s movement behaviour. Maximum visibility when driving, climbing the stairs and reading.

Eyeprotect System - Gautschi Optik Zürich AG

These lenses have the latest protection system in order to protect the eyes from harmful UV and blue-violet rays in the light spectrum. A unique filtering process achieves the ideal protection against UV rays. The UVA and UVB rays are absorbed by the glass. Protection against the harmful blue-violet light emitted by artificial light sources (PCs, laptops, mobile phones etc.) is increasingly important. These very clear lenses give the wearer a very natural colour perception. Further details about the lenses and coatings can be found here. - >  www.essilor.ch