Eyewear collections

You can expect to find a very varied range of exclusive glasses at our shop

We have a wide selection of independent labels from Paris, New York and Tokyo, right through to Zurich. Our selection criteria is high quality and beautiful design. We are constantly looking for the latest, the best and the most fashionable products. Year after year we visit the international fairs together with our whole team. With us, the value of a pair of glasses does not simply come from the designer name. With our expert advice covering different types of eyewear, we can help you choose the right glasses. 

Our current eyewear collections - selected for you

TVR True Vintage Revival

TVR is undeniably one of the best handmade productions in the world of eyewear.
Designed and manufactured in a village in Japan by the finest craftsmen in the eyewear industry.
TVR eyewear is sold only in the leading independent quality conscious optical stores in the world.

Andy Wolf of Austria

These fashionable acetate and metal glasses from Andy Wolf set international trends. Andy Wolf and his young team are always one step ahead of the times. His latest collection mainly features fine metal and plastic glasses (acetate glasses), plus bold combinations of both these materials. The designs bear his own typical touch. 


Blac is an eyewear collection for the man who is sporty, yet elegant. Using high-quality materials such as titanium, carbon and nylon guarantees a sturdy but comfortable design.

Barton Perreira

The Optician Bill Barton and the Designer Patty Perreira founded in 2007 the independent Glassbrand Barton Perreira. Each Glass is manufactured by talented Artists in Japan. It takes weeks until the perfect Glass made by finest japanese Acetat has finished. James Bond 007 wears in his newest Movie "No Time to Die" Sunglasses from Barton Perreira.


A very elegant collection by Chopard with sparkling Swarovski crystals. These glasses and sunglasses have been made with a very high level of workmanship. They have recently become available in just few shops in Switzerland.


This eyewear range embodies a style unlike any other collection of metal glasses. Coblens is one of the leading manufacturers of metallic glasses based on titanium, producing stylishly large yet refined titanium glasses. Typically, these become favourite glasses that people are in no hurry to change. Their style embodies current trends like no other collection. They specialise in metallic glasses, so they’ve been prepared for years for the current metal glasses trend. Typical Coblens glasses are large, fine, robust and show some characteristic features.


At last, a beautiful, fashionable eyewear collection for narrow faces. The lightweight plastic glasses by Colibris will inspire you.

Dieter Funk

The glasses from Dieter Funk are made by hand in the FUNK glasses factory in Bavaria. The focus of the owner and designer Dieter Funk lies in the retro style, which he incorporates well into his collections.


When the „ Eyevan 7285 „ brand creates a product, it is exceptionally good. Some of the most highly-skilled craftsmen in Japan use the best materials to produce a pair of Evan glasses. It seems that Eyevan’s customers appreciate the fact that the glasses they are wearing are formed like a sculpture – rather than mass produced in large numbers from cheap plastics. These glasses are hand made from the finest materials; they can give lifelong pleasure to their owner.

Face a Face

Face a Face glasses are designed in Paris, the city of fashion. The harmoniously co-ordinated colours emphasise their French flair.


Glassy inspires young people with cool eyewear designs. Those eyeglasses let them emphasise their own individual styles. Actat eyeglasses are handmade in Italy and are named after various Swiss cities.


The amazing opportunities offered by the latest 3D print technology!
These glasses are made of nylon combined with beta titanium, one of the hardest materials used in the eyewear industry. Extremely light and extremely strong, producing an extremely special performance. These glasses are created through the use of the latest 3D technology in its fullest form. The eyewear industry has never before
produced anything to compare. Even two years ago, it would have been impossible for such glasses to be produced at all – and now they are available from Gautschi Optik. These models also look great as sunglasses. All the models are available in black with silver and black with gold.

Laura Imami

All of Laura Imami’s frames are hand-made in a small, beautiful village in Northern Italy. The work is carried out by master craftsmen, working on the basis of a centuries-old tradition of the manufacture of such frames. Laura uses the famous, high-quality Mazzucchelli acetate and impeccable German hinges of the 1940s to
produce durable, elegant, stylish frames; she herself supervises the manufacturing process to ensure her designs are brought to life in their perfect form.

“The end result is of the highest quality; this aspect of my frames is something I would never change”.

Laura Imami visits each of the shops in which her beloved frames are displayed at least once, because an appreciation of how her glasses are presented is very important to her. Only one shop in each town is accorded the privilege of selling her glasses, and we are proud to be her chosen outlet in Zurich.

Lotos - gold glasses since 1872

No matter where you are in the world, this brand is the first place to come for handmade gold glasses. A fifth-generation family company that manufactures glasses with the utmost precision. They are master goldsmiths who know their craft perfectly, working on every Lotos pair of glasses to produce an incomparable masterpiece. You will receive a lifetime quality guarantee.


We are among the first opticians in Switzerland to stock the incredibly light lool glasses from Barcelona, which won the Blogg Awards at the “Opti” opticians’ trade fair in Munich. This brand is super famous in Barcelona, where the collection is developed and manufactured. One of the guiding principles of the business is an
urge to approach and look at things differently; this attitude has made a vital contribution to its creation of new ideas. Barcelona is at the heart of the Mediterranean sun – open and cosmopolitan, but also human, trailblazing and innovative. As a city, it constantly reinvents itself and others.

These glasses weigh just 7g; they are super light, and made of steel for strength.
They even dispense with screws.

lool, for finely polished metal glasses with phenomenally modern designs and striking forms (the name itself depicts two arms and two lenses)

Marcus Marienfeld

Marcus Marienfeld is a Swiss goldsmith who produces high-quality glasses in the middle of the Valais Alps. He is an example of Swiss quality craftsmanship who brings together different materials. Every pair of glasses that leave the door is personally checked by Mr Marienfield.

Munic eyewear

Munic eyewear: Frame your personality!

Nathalie Blanc

All glasses are designed in Nathalie Blanc's studio in Paris. The glasses are manufactured in the heart of the French Jura mountains. In the small town of Morez. Emile Gautschi had already produced about 1880 instruments there. All metal glasses are 22-carat gold-plated according to an innovative state-of-the-art coating process, unique in the global market. This coating provides a high-quality elegance and ensures that the glasses stay beautiful for a long time. 100% made in France.


A great eyewear collection from Denmark. These lightweight titanium glasses by Orgreen are available in beautiful colour combinations and also in the latest larger formats.

Paul & Joe

Paul & Joe of France are light, beautifully crafted plastic glasses with a love of detail. Discreet, yet strong colours make these glasses a highly personal accessory.


A glasses label from California.

High quality cotton acetate is used to produce this high quality collection in Japan.

They are very good fits of this expressive collection. A cool self-confident look is guaranteed with SALT glasses. Sunglasses from the "Sunstate California" are very casual and elegant, of course with polarizing lenses and internal anti-reflection coating to avoid glare. All glasses are hand polished to get a beautiful shine.

The philosophy of this brand is so high-quality in the production that the glasses can be passed on over generations. Lovers' pieces for generations.


These glasses from Austria are among the lightest in the world. Thanks to a patented assembly system, they have no screws.

Super light, simple and incredibly comfortable to wear. That is Silhouette.


Theo glasses are unmistakable! Anyone who wear glasses by Theo really loves their glasses. They are more than just an accessory. They underline your personal style. Discover the fun of wearing glasses!

Cheeky shapes, great colours. “There is no one like Theo".

Yellows Plus

Yellows Plus glasses are available at select outlets in Switzerland. You can immediately see how beautifully and intricately that have been made. 

Lightweight titanium, high-quality plastic and classy engraving are the marks of these Japanese masterpieces.

Tom Ford 

Tom Ford