Glasses Made of Natural Materials

Your specialists for natural horn frames in the heart of Zurich

Gautschi Optik was founded in Lausanne in 1878 by Emile Gautschi. Back then, hand-made craftsmanship was commonplace in the making of glasses, but these days it has become less and less common. One of the few exceptions are horn-rimmed glasses, which require many hours of painstaking work to fashion them from the highest quality horn of a water buffalo. 

Choose from a wide range of glasses. Feel and sense the comfort of unique horn-rimmed glasses. On request, we can also make special items, made-to-measure. 

Over the years, we have made a name for ourselves in Zurich with our high-quality horn-rimmed glasses. You can find a superb assortment of designs at our shop.

Horn-rimmed and wooden glasses

Natural horn-rimmed glasses

Buffalo horn is a material with particularly attractive properties. It is light, lends the wearer a subtle elegance and is the most skin-friendly material used in the making of glasses. 

Any adjustment can be made in terms of size and shape.

You will find a fine selection of wonderful horn-rimmed glasses in our range.

This is a small selection of our horn-rimmed glasses. Please come and visit us, there are many more wonderful models.

ROLF Wooden Glasses

ROLF Wooden Glasses come from the beautiful Tyrol and are 100% wood. With their passion for natural materials, durability and aesthetics, the young team has created the perfect pair of glasses. The in-house research and development department explains their superb experience in manufacturing with wood, natural horn and stone.

ROLF Collection "main"

ROLF Collection "advanced"

ROLF Collection "evolved"

Rolf, Substance Collection 3D

Sustainable eyewear made from natural products

Sustainably produced eyeglasses from the powder of the fruit of a wonder tree. What there is not everything in the present time. The innovative company Rolf Spectacles from Weissenbach Tyrol has a new product in its portfolio. Always focused on sustainability, starting with the production of wooden eyewear, a new production process has recently been introduced with 3D printing.

From the powder of the beans of a tree, these glasses are produced sustainably. The characteristics are, light and with a rubber temple joint, a highly stable eyewear, which does not require any screws.

Bean Glasses

Arte & Gifre

Glasses have long since made the leap from utility object to ‘objet d’art’ and their finest expression is to be found in the horn-rimmed design. My motivation is therefore to produce glasses which not only help you to see better but which are, themselves, worth

I pay great attention to professional workmanship and a pristine finish which is what gives the horn-rimmed glasses their elegant sheen.

The manufacturing of high-quality horn-rimmed glasses is dependent upon expertise acquired over many years and represents a combination of traditional master craftmanship skills, creativity and modern technology.


Art & Gifre Collection