Warranty & Repair Service

Glasses from Gautschi Optik - quality you want to be seen in

You will be totally satisfied with your glasses from Gautschi Optik.

All of our branded glasses are of the highest quality and offer the best compatibility. That is why we can guarantee that you will get used to them quickly and smoothly.

Advice - Gautschi Optik Zürich AG

Compatibility guarantee

If you cannot get used to your new glasses, we will replace them with other, more suitable glasses, up to six months after purchase.

New: lens coating warranty

Should there be a manufacturing defect, we will replace your glasses with identical ones free of charge, up to 36 months after purchase. This is a guarantee of the durability and functionality of the anti-reflection coating.

Alignment and cleaning service

Your Gautschi glasses should always look good. So feel free to bring in your glasses for the free Gautschi Optik Service from time to time. We check all the screws, bring the old shine back to your glasses in an ultrasonic cleaning bath and check their geometry. Seize the chance. It’s worth it!

Spectacle frame warranty

A quality frame should keep its shine. You have two years warranty on the colour coating. Within this period, in the event of a break due to a weakness we will replace the whole frame or the defective part.

Insure your new glasses with us at replacement value for 3 years.

For as little as 25 to 45 euros per year, your glasses are insured against all forms of damage at replacement value.

(Excluded are heat effects on the lenses).

Repair Service

We repair all glasses as quickly as possible

Metal glasses

Broken metal glasses can be repaired. The defective part is joined up again by soldering. It is also possible to grind the existing lenses into a new frame.

Plastic frames

Your plastic glasses are broken in two. Depending on the material, we can join the fractured parts together. For this type of repair we need your glasses for 24 hours. It is also possible to grind the existing lenses into a new frame.

Titanium glasses

Because of the special properties of titanium, this material can only be soldered in a protective gas atmosphere. For this type of repair we need your glasses for 2-3 days. We offer a one year warranty for this quality repair.

Drilled glasses / pinhole glasses / rimless glasses

If such glasses are defective, a part can be replaced if need be. This requires us to assess the frame in order to determine how to repair it.

Wooden Glasses

Wooden glasses can be repaired too. The defective point is joined together again with a special adhesive, machined and resealed. For this type of repair we need two days.

Horn-rimmed glasses

A good knowledge of the material is needed to professionally repair horn-rimmed glasses, This work is carried out by a horn specialist at his studio here in Zurich. Depending on the damage, the material can be joined again or repaired using new natural horn. We also recommend that you have your glasses refreshed every one to two years so that they keep their shine and flexibility.